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She’s great! She is loving and patient and follows up and goes a great distant for her client.

Connie has been wonderful to me and my family. Went above and beyond to ensure we got the best deal and oh yes we did! Can’t be grateful enough to Connie!

Connie Brown was professional friendly and knowledgeable salesperson. We enjoyed working with her when we purchased Buckeye. We did a lot of looking all over the Phoenix area and she was very helpful and always escorting us to the places we wanted to go. Our purchase of Buckeye went smoothly and when we were forced to sell a year later due to family circumstances she was the same friendly helpful sales person and friend.

Connie is an amazing human being. Her thoughtfulness,caring and professionalism are but a few of the qualities one looks for when investing. Especially when you are so new to the real estate world. I personally will never use any other broker. Based on my earlier comments she is the Best!!!! Connie is Awesome!

The purchasing of this Forever Home was so bittersweet for me. After telling Connie my story and seeing her reaction to my feelings I knew she was the right person for me. Connie is warm, caring, resilient, passionate and most of all trustworthy. She made the process so seamless from beginning to end. In my heart and mind Connie is an Amazing Human Being.

We would be happy to share our home buying experience with any other clients if it would be of help, and highly endorse her as an agent. Thank you Connie Brown.

Wonderful person. Sensitive to the needs of her client. Doesn’t make you feel like she’s trying to wheel and deal you. Trustworthy. Made selling a house more comfortable. What I expected from Century 21 agent. Thank you.Would definitely enlist her services again. She made me feel safe with house close. Genuine and kind right on top of things. Very good. Excellent.

So happy Connie helped us choose an investment home. She is a professional, courteous, and timely. From our first meeting to closing, Connie was attentive and an excellent source of real estate information that helped us make the right decision for us. We are more than happy to recommend Connie to our family, friends and anyone who needs a real estate professional.

Connie did a great job as a realtor agent, excellent doing paperwork and prompt answering questions we needed to know. Connie did a great job helping us find the house we wanted. Connie is an excellent agent.

Connie is superb/excellent. She really cares and goes out of her way to make it happen. Connie is wonderful in so many ways beyond words. I have a friend for life. Connie is Perfect! She knows her stuff. Connie is like a sister to me. She was there for me when this whole process had lots of bumps, but she got it done. Thank you!! (My Angel from above).

Connie was wonderful to work with. Very diligent in showing us home via FaceTime. Very knowledgeable about market values.

Connie was not only professional but is a genuinely nice person. We closed on our house feeling we had gained a true friend.

Connie Kent was wonderful to work with, she treated all of us like family.

Thank you Connie Kent for your patience, explanations, kindness, knowledge, and willingness to go the extra mile for us during the sale of our home.

Connie was most professional and went out of her way to see to it we found our new home. Connie continues to be a huge part of our new purchase with us currently living in another State. Connie has been exceptional and Century 21 should be very honored to have her working for them. Thank you again Connie for making our transition and purchase of our new home so smooth. You went over and above and beyond for us and we are forever grateful. Look forward to returning to AZ and our new home and seeing Connie again upon our return. We will be sending all our friends looking for their homes in San Tan to Connie, just an overall amazing professional and thank you for this wonderful experience!

Connie has several times gone above and beyond our expectations. We had a very limited time in Phoenix to find and purchase a home. She worked very hard showing us houses and ended up getting us a great deal on a wonderful home. Even after the sale she’s been a tremendous help as we are currently out of state and has even volunteered to check on the house periodically until we can move. We were very lucky to have met her.

I would 100% recommend Connie to friends and family looking to buy/sell their home. She truly made my first experience of buying a home more wonderful than I could have expected. I will continue to use Connie going forward. Thank you Connie for helping us. You truly made our experience great.