What Are Post Tension Slabs And Why Are They Important In Arizona?

A post tension slab is a concrete slab that uses tendons (or cables) in series that run through the length of the slab. So what?

Well this method makes for an excellent foundation and is used to reduce the chance that your home will shift and crack due to expansive soil.

Why do they call it “post-tension”? Simple, after the concrete has been allowed to cure to around 75%, the tendons are pulled tight often times using a hydraulic jack. So the actual tension takes place after the slab has mostly cured, which is why they call it “post-tension”.

Do you want to know more? Great, so when the tendons are pulled tight, they are usually brought to a tension of 25,000 pounds per square inch! That’s pretty cool.  So after the tension hits the designated mark, they are anchored inside the concrete at which point the slab is allowed to fully cure.


Post tension slabs actually use less concrete and are stronger than other types, and have a less likely chance of shifting, which can ultimately reduce the possibility of foundation/flooring problems. This can be especially important in areas designated by map, that contain expansive soil.


You may or may not know that Arizona has plenty of areas with expansive soil, making post tension slabs a topic worth learning about. If you are looking at homes for sale in the Phoenix area or new home construction, we welcome you to contact the Arizona Key Team for more information on identifying home builders in the area that use post tension slabs. We can also help you identify areas in the Phoenix valley that have expansive soil.

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